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Courageous Characters

This year, we are studying courageous Bible characters. We are learning about standing up for Jesus no matter what happens. We have brainstormed courageous Bible characters to study for worship and we have begun studying about Paul.

The transformation from Saul to Paul was incredible. Saul was putting everything into destroying God’s people. When he turned around, he didn’t turn back. He was faithful to God and worked hard to spread the good news of Jesus.

In Bible class we read the quote by Ellen White from her book Education, pg. 57: “The greatest want of the world is the want of men,-men who will not be bought or sold; men who in their inmost souls are true and honest; men who do not fear to call sin by its right name; men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole; men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall.” We are learning the meaning of this quote as we study the life of Daniel and learn about his decision to obey God's commands.

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